This is where you’ll find reviews of books and products relevant to adoptive and additional needs parenting. If you represent a brand and there’s something you’d like me to review, please see my media pack for more information including stats and demographics.

Review | Blurt Buddy Box


I reviewed the July 2017 BuddyBox from The Blurt Foundation, which is a collection of self-care treats. This month’s theme was ‘All at sea’.

Is the BuddyBox worth a £21.50 investment in your self-care? And what’s inside the box?

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Review | Splosh cleaning products2015-02-26 09.51.12

I checked out the ease and efficiency of the online shopping process, compared Splosh’s prices and eco-friendliness against my usual cleaning products, tested everything out, and got very excited about the smell of Splosh’s pomegranate washing-up liquid.

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Review | Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

review-confessions-of-an-adoptive-parentConfessions of an Adoptive Parent is an ideal book for Christian adoptive parents who have found themselves, and maybe their faith, battered by the demands of parenting their children and fighting to get the support they need.

Mike Berry writes as someone who lives it all too, knows how soul-destroying it can be, and has some tried and tested survival strategies to share. I had laughed and cried with recognition at the stories being shared within the first three pages. It is so authentic and raw and heartfelt that I loved it immediately.

Read the full review here.

Review | The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring

Caring for a family member is often hard work, usually unpaid, and can be overwhelming.

There are hundreds of books about caring for people and doing a better job of it and all the things the person being cared for needs from you. This book is about having a life outside of that role so you don’t spontaneously combust under the pressure.. In short: self-care for carers. With a sense of humour.

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Review | The Secrets of Successful Adoptive Parenting

I reviewed The Secrets of Successful Adoptive Parenting for the current issue of Adoption Today, the magazine for members of Adoption UK.

This book is a thorough guide to how to manage many of the challenges of adoptive parenting. It’s primarily aimed at helping adopters who are still pre-placement to prepare appropriately for the task ahead of them. And it does this job well.

Read the full review here.


51w38o77qtlReview | Improving sensory processing in traumatized children

I reviewed this book as part of my participation in #tpbooks, the Twitter-based therapeutic parents’ book club. It’s practical and realistic, and I’d recommend it not only to parents but to schools, and anyone who provides childcare for adopted children.

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Review | Self-regulation strategies and techniquesimg_5657

My review of this DVD comes with a large amount of sarcasm. It’s not specifically targeted at adoptive families but it does claim that the techniques will ‘calm any child’. I am extremely sceptical about this claim, but the DVD is good for a laugh if you have an hour to spare.

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Review | How to talk so kids will listen


In this review, I look at how the book applies to our family life, including the children’s responses to some of the techniques such as drawing their feelings and describing problems.

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