Could ASMR help adoptive families?

ASMR sends people to sleep, helps others concentrate, and has even calmed my fidgety children. But what is it, and what could it do for your family?… View Post

Review | Want to adopt?

Helen Oakwater – author of the hugely popular Bubble-Wrapped Children and creator of the FAB Parents website – has done it again. This time, a book aimed specifically at preparing people for the reality of adoption: the process, the trauma, the different style of parenting, and what is required of them. It is GOLD. I wish we’d had this when we were thinking about adopting. I recommend Want To Adopt?… View Post

Neither here nor there: a family update

Not for the first time, our heads are spinning at another round of disappointments and uncertainties. When are we going to get Joanna an appropriate special school place? And which country will it be in? The long-running Meadows family saga continues…… View Post

Review | Me, the Boy, and The Monster

It’s hard to overstate how much I love Me, the Boy and The Monster. It’s one of those books that you just want everyone in your life to experience: family, friends, teachers… they all need a copy!… View Post

Competition | Instant Family

I was recently invited to a preview screening of Instant Family – a film about fostering and adoption. Billed as ‘a feel-good movie for everyone’, I was intrigued. Pete and I have often muttered that our experience as adoptive parents is worthy of a sitcom, but to see an adoptive family on the big screen as light entertainment? Would it ring true? Would I just cry all the way through? Only one way to find out.… View Post