The Meadows family:

Writer, Scrabble enthusiast, ironing procrastinator.
Likes to say: ‘Be careful!’ and ‘Is it bedtime yet?’
Can be bribed with: Sleep and trips to Starbucks.

Charity communications chap, regional TV and local radio geek.
Likes to say: ‘I’ve just got five more minutes of tweeting to do first…’
Can be bribed with: Trips to McDonalds.

Six, loves Lego, plays football, wants to be an astronaut/engineer/inventor.
Likes to say: ‘Follow me!’
Can be bribed with: Lego and books.

Five, obsessed with Frozen, great at climbing trees, wants to be a princess.
Likes to say: ‘It’s not fair!’
Can be bribed with: Time in front of a screen.


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