Thankful Thursday

Welcome to another Thankful Thursday.

'Be Thankful' by Cindi Albright/RustiqueArt

‘Be Thankful’ by Cindi Albright/RustiqueArt

This week, I have enjoyed…

Posts on CPV (child-to-parent violence). Well, ‘enjoyed’ is the wrong word. But it is lovely to see the solidarity amongst the Twitter adoption community in standing up together and sharing our experiences and saying ‘people need to know that this is a real issue’. We have had to hold both our girls to keep everyone safe and have had no official training in the best way to do this.

I’d especially recommend this post from Al Coates (and this follow-up), and this post from 2 out of 3. Powerful stuff. I have huge admiration for them for sharing the reality so honestly.

About self-care and spirituality for this week’s Sunday self-care post.

My Violent Child – again, not enjoyable watching, but raw and honest in a way I appreciated.

Listening to
Lots of podcasts. A Udemy course. That Rend Collective album I mentioned last week, especially ‘Lighthouse’. Love it.

All manner of Hello Fresh wonders, including a surprisingly amazing artichoke risotto (recipe here).


…and I’m also thankful for
A day out with my mum
Plans for a day out with Pete tomorrow (we’re off to a lunchtime showing of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).
A big bunch of daffodils on the windowsill, making me happy though Pete and Joanna think they smell of wee.


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