Thankful Thursday

Welcome to another Thankful Thursday.

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‘Be Thankful’ by Cindi Albright/RustiqueArt

It feels like it is properly spring around here now. I even put my washing outside on the line yesterday, so it must be true.

This week, I have enjoyed…

Mothers’ Day cards from my daft children. Charlotte made one in her group at church which said Mummy does X, Y and Z for me, and I want to show my love for her by helping… [fill in the blank]. She’d written ‘I want to show my love for her by helping and playing with Joanna’. Yup.

Mother's Day, adoption, adoptive, parenting, children, thankful, grateful, thankfulness, gratitude,

2015-03-19 10.48.56

I’ve also started Gretchen Rubin’s new book Better Than Before. Only a couple of chapters in so far, but it’s good stuff. She divides people into four categories for the purposes of working out how you can establish good habits: upholders, obligers, questioners and rebels. I’m an obliger. (More info on her website, which I also love.)

A blog post about self-care and adoptive parenting and TREATS (coming on Sunday). I’ve been looking forward to this one.

Comic Relief (I love Comic Relief: the concept, the comedy, the amazing work they do, the whole thing). The VTs of the work they do always make me cry. This year it was the young girl (Margaret) and her grandmother (also Margaret) on the rubbish dump in Nairobi and the British young carers that set me off.

Listening to
Sparrows in the hedge in our garden. (Pretty much exactly like this.)
Podcasts (Gretchen Rubin, Elise Gets Crafty, The News Quiz…)

Grilled halloumi cheese and mango salad. Food of champions. Honestly a You Must Try This experience. Also, chocolates, because Mother’s Day.

…and I’m also thankful for…
Warm, dry weather which means the children can play outside.
House insurance. We’ve always had it, as you do, but never claimed before. Suddenly it seems really very worth having. We’re having a bit of a scary issue with a leaky roof – Pete suddenly discovered water dripping through a light fitting in our bathroom yesterday afternoon. Not sure yet exactly how serious it is, but it seems that we are covered, and we have people coming to fix the problem. Impressed with the service we’ve received so far. Well done Aviva.


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