Thankful Thursday

Welcome to another Thankful Thursday.

'Be Thankful' by Cindi Albright/RustiqueArt

‘Be Thankful’ by Cindi Albright/RustiqueArt

This week, I have enjoyed…

The first few responses to the call for case studies for the self-care book. There’s still time if you’d like to be involved. Just note that I now have enough volunteers for the ‘sleep’ chapter, thanks, so please pick one of the others if they apply to you. In the next couple of weeks I’m especially looking for people who are making an effort to eat healthily or exercise regularly in the name of self-care. More details about it all are here.

Still my book. (Still eeek.)

Passionfruit frozen yogurt from the new ice cream emporium that’s just opened ten minutes’ walk from our house. (*DANGER KLAXON*)

Children’s films on Amazon Prime’s streaming service. Holiday sanity-saver. We had Monsters Inc and Cars 2 (both new to the girls) back-to-back yesterday for free. I buy from Amazon on a weekly basis anyway, so Prime pays for itself easily. Love it.

Listening to
Happy robins singing in the garden. (We have a nest by our kitchen door and I saw a little fledgling robin this week, too. Gorgeous.)

…and I’m also thankful for
Lovely people continuing to come forward as case studies. SO grateful.
•  Great weather that means the children have been playing happily outside, which is generally way better than inside in terms of their ability to regulate and get along with each other.
•  Successfully getting Charlotte out of nappies at night, at last! We started during Easter weekend and have only had two incidents, which I think is pretty good.
•  Holiday club all day today (again).
•  My parents having the girls so I could write (again).
•  My in-laws paying for the mending of our roof (just the once, we hope).

Hope your Thursday brings things to be thankful for! You’re welcome to share them below, or using #ThankfulThursday on Twitter.


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