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I have four days of sanity-preserving self-care happening this weekend. I’ll be checking in to my hotel room later today, for a big dose of sleep, reading, spa visits, swimming, Starbuckery, bookshop-mooching, stationery-impulse-buying, Wagamamification, scrapbooking and just doing what I like, child-free, until lunchtime on Monday.  (YES.)

I’ll be sharing the joy here, on Twitter and on Instagram, and would love your virtual company. Check back throughout the weekend if you need reminding what unwinding looks like, and I’ll give it my best shot.

That was one of the loudest school runs for a while. Charlotte refused to put her shoes on until me and Joanna had physically left the house. She was then offered the ‘wrong’ hand to hold for the ten-minute walk to school, so refused to hold it and instead threw her book bag at me, pulled on the back of my T-shirt, and did lots of fake falling over and wailing whenever any other adults were passing. Thankfully her teacher and TA took pity on me and let us in to the classroom early, and they did a great job of distracting her. Cuddles and promises to phone tonight dispensed to both (their classrooms are next to each other) and I managed to leave.

Now to pack. All that’s in my bag so far are scrapbooking stash, notebooks and my Kindle. No actual clothes. Priorities!

I have left the house. (I have brought half the contents with me.) First stop: lunch with my excellent husband.

Lunch has happened.

I’m checked in! This is home until Monday. 😀

And now time to pop over the road for my first massage of the weekend. It’s almost as though I’ve been planning this for months or something…

Stationery shopping.



Phoned home. The children are so lovely from half an hour away…

Must stop thinking about the chocolate in the vending machine downstairs.

If I walked the four flights of stairs to the vending machine and back, would that make it OK?


Grand Designs. Not sure about this format, but hurrah for a new programme anyway. Have watched all the old ones a hundred times each.

Intrigued by a programme about people getting married without meeting each other, but Being Sensible and declaring it sleeping time. This is what 4oD is for. Night!


Woken by very loud drunk man, shouting in the street outside. Ugh. I am four floors up, wearing earplugs. What will Friday and Saturday nights be like?

Woken by delivery lorries. At least they don’t need entertaining or feeding.

Suppose I should have a shower.

Exchange of Facebook messenger communications with Pete and the girls, who want to know if I have had my breakfast. I have not. I have been playing with scrapbooking stash and making it look pretty and putting photos of it on Twitter.


Decided to ask for a different (quieter) room. Staff were helpful and have offered to move all my stuff for me. I think I will now have a room overlooking a different road and the park. Let’s see how that goes.

Hurried bag-packing.

Indian head massage at the same place as yesterday, just over the road from the Premier Inn. Blissful.

Breakfast at Starbucks, just me and my laptop/phone/Kindle. *contented sigh*


Buy cinema tickets for a little surprise tomorrow.

Back to the Premier Inn, and to my new room. They haven’t moved my stuff, so I go back to reception and get them to open my old room and do it myself. The new room is just further along the same street, so I’m not sure it’ll be much better noise-wise, but we’ll see.



⬆️ The most amazing carrot cake (with carroty mascarpone) I’ve had for AGES. Find a branch of Bill’s and try it right now.

A bit later
Um, I seem to have fallen asleep this afternoon. I have a headache which I think is massage-induced. They did warn me I could get dehydrated, and I’ve been drinking gallons of water, but still. Bleugh.

After that
Did some scrapbooking – a double-pager about Pete’s recent escapades. Realised I need some more stash to finish it off that (shock) I didn’t bring with me.

Off to Wagamama’s in search of a prawn itame.

Prawn itame found.


Prawn itame consumed.


Banana panko also happened.


Tried to buy chocolate. Sainsbury’s was shut (at 8.00!) and the vending machine won’t take my £10 note (I am out of change). I could go to the cinema but I don’t want to look desperate… so I’m back in my room with my remaining two strawberries. 

Calling it a night. More adventures in self-care tomorrow…



Dragged into consciousness by a text from Pete. Tried to persuade my eyes to focus on my phone, but they were reluctant. Eventually dragged myself to the shower and made myself presentable enough for breakfast.


Then it was off to the cinema.

The girls didn’t know I’d be there and Charlotte sang a song about my many virtues and general marvellousness afterwards. Don’t worry, it didn’t last. We went to an Asian buffet for lunch and when we tried to encourage them to try something other than samosas and chips there was grumpitude. *sigh*

Then they went home, and I wandered off for a manicure/pedicure (only about my third ever, I think, and my first in this country!)

And yes, a Starbucks afterwards.

A bit of stationery-stroking in Paperchase. I’m planning to make summer scrapbooks during the holidays with the girls, but was retrained and didn’t buy anything today.

Dinner with my Kindle.



Woke up at 6.30. Why?! Tried to get back to sleep but it wasn’t happening, so I read and ate salt and vinegar Pringles in bed instead. Decided the book on stress (above) was not actually the kind of relaxing reading material required, so started another book – this one on anticonsumerism, ie deliberately not buying stuff.

Faffed about with a scrapbook, getting photos in order and gathering up tickets and whatnot. Made a cover and five pages.

Listened to I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.

Nipped out to Bill’s before they stopped serving breakfast.

 Full English with surprise blueberry.

To Starbucks for a gallon of coffee to take back to my room.

Current state of desk: mildly chaotic.

All afternoon





Followed by watching a bit of TV and then bed at 10.00pm.



Bracing for the return to reality. Got up and finished off a couple of scrapbook pages before packing up my bags. Left my laptop out until the last possible moment so I could watch scrapbooking videos ready for the Week in the Life project next month. Despite having hung the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door I still had a visit from the cleaners to hurry me along… but I am having all my minutes!

Time to check out. Hope you’ve enjoyed the live blog and have been encouraged to have a bit of time out for yourself.

Over and out (until next time.)



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