Why we won’t be Finding Dory this summer

I’ve written a piece for Standard Issue about Finding Dory. (And the editor kept my terrible puns in. Win.)

Finding Dory

On the same day last week, we had (a) an email from post-adoption support about the potential for the content of the film (separation from/reuniting with birth parents) to be decidedly unhelpful for adopted children, and (b) a leaflet home in the girls’ school bags about how wonderful Finding Dory is in connection with the NHS’s ‘Change4Life‘ campaign.

I thought this displayed a complete lack of joined-up thinking on the part of the NHS, who are supposed to care about our children’s mental health as well as their weight. I didn’t appreciate the blatant advertising for a film that they’re likely to find upsetting.

You can read my article here. Let me know what you think. (Feel free to suggest better puns…)


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