Why do adopters need to practise self-care?

Self-Care Week starts tomorrow (Monday 14 November) with a focus on health. I believe passionately in encouraging adoptive parents to practise self-care in a very holistic sense (mentally, physically, and emotionally) and will be blogging and tweeting about it all week. (Come and join in using the hashtag #selfcareweek.)


What is self-care?

Self-care is doing whatever you need to do to look after yourself and ensure you are functioning at your best, whether that is by eating well, getting enough sleep, or taking care of your mental health.

Why is it important?

As adoptive parents, we are often under enormous stress, both directly from the challenges of parenting traumatised children, and less directly from dealing with post-adoption support, schools, and other services we need to access, which is often at least as much hassle as the challenging behaviour itself. Add that to the ‘normal’ demands of family life, work, and functioning in society and it becomes an epic juggling act.

It is important to step back from this stuff on a regular basis, several times a week, and take time for ourselves, so that we are not so depleted that we cease to function.

How do you do it?

Over the next seven days, I’ll be posting my ‘seven components of self-care‘ (you might remember these from the spring of 2015 – I’ve since updated them a bit). The seven components range from sleep and support to (head)space and spirituality. Lots of things to think about and discuss. I’m certainly not claiming to have all the answers or to get it all right myself, but I do have lots of conversation-starters and signposts to helpful resources, and I’d love to have this conversation over the next week.

Let’s prioritise our own well-being so we can continue the marathon that is adoptive parenting without burning out. We are doing amazing work. high-fives you all

Ready for some self-care? Start here.


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