How we survived Christmas

Pretty much all the adoptive parents I know talk about Christmas with a mix of dread and weary experience as one of the most challenging times of the year. It is certainly that way for us. At times it has been absolutely horrendous. But on balance Christmas 2016 was the best of our Christmasses wth the children so far. I’m hoping this list of what worked will be a useful… View Post

My 5 favourite self-care podcasts

Image: AKG K550 Loud by Michael Heigl Disclaimer: podcasts do not always guarantee euphoria. I love podcasts. They’re great at helping me get out of my own head for a while, they’re portable and sit on my phone until I’m ready for them, they make me laugh or think about things differently or just distract me from the bleugh. In short, they are a great form of self-care. Here are my current favourites.… View Post

Shall we try again tomorrow?

Today’s Sunday self-care was supposed to consist of festive photos from Copenhagen, where we are headed for a few days’ child-free rejuvenation before Christmas. But our flight yesterday morning was cancelled, so my photos are a bit more, well… We spent six hours at Gatwick airport, queuing, waiting for announcements, going to the gate, being sent away, being went to another gate… and then returning via passport control and baggage… View Post

My self-care week

With Pete away, a hundred school Christmas activities both during and after school hours, work deadlines and Christmas to organise, not to mention being full of a cold, I’ve had to prioritise getting a dose of self-care every day in order to continue to function when I really wanted to hibernate. Here’s what self care has looked like for me this week. Online shopping: I hardly do any shopping in… View Post

Five ways to help an adoptive family at Christmas

When thinking of gifts for adoptive parents, remember that they can probably buy their own alcohol and chocolates, welcome as these things are. Clichéd though it sounds, your time and friendship are priceless. Give them a list of dates when you’re free to take them out for coffee and listen to them/look after the kids so they can have some respite/be available to do DIY where the children have broken things. Or give vouchers for ironing/lawnmowing/dinner-delivery/whatever you can offer. You get the idea.… View Post