8 ways to do self-care hygge-style

I’m reading a lot about hygge at the moment. You can’t have failed to notice that it’s everywhere at the moment, especially if you step into a bookshop. There’s a huge amount of overlap with self-care, with its emphasis on emotional wellbeing and comfort. So here are a few ways you can incorporate it into your own life to help stave off some of the pre-Christmas stress.


Light a fire: If you have this option, this is possibly the best way to introduce hygge to your living room.

Grab a blanket: because there’s just something about a blanket that provides instant comfort. My favourites were knitted out of leftover wool in all different colours by my grandmother, possibly my great-grandmother. They are heavy and double-bed sized and we have two – one upstairs and one downstairs. All of us love them and fight over them.

Light candles (children permitting): candles are a huge part of creating hygge. I don’t use them much because my children are hazardous enough without adding naked flames into the mix, but if you can get away with it, they cheer the place up nicely.

Dim the lights: it’s about the cosy factor, not being able to see where you haven’t dusted.

Dress down: this is about comfort, not impressing people. Pyjamas are very acceptable, as are that scruffy but comfy hand-knitted jumper, your wooly socks and those tracksuit bottoms you’d never wear in public.

Play a board game: it helps create a feeling of shared enjoyment (unless you play it with my children who will strop if they lose, but let’s say they’re already in bed and you can play with another grown-up instead). Some of our favourites are Mapominoes and Punderdome.

Put the kettle on: hot drinks are a key part of hygge. And while it’s on, make a hot water bottle as well.

Eat cake: The Danes say this is definitely a part of creating hygge, and they should know. This is a good enough reason for me.

Further reading
I love these books on hygge and Danishness:



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