My self-care week

With Pete away, a hundred school Christmas activities both during and after school hours, work deadlines and Christmas to organise, not to mention being full of a cold, I’ve had to prioritise getting a dose of self-care every day in order to continue to function when I really wanted to hibernate.

Here’s what self care has looked like for me this week.

Online shopping: I hardly do any shopping in physical shops. I know there are several arguments against using Amazon, but I have Prime and I am not afraid to use it. I keep wish lists for the children all year round so that I don’t need to be imaginative in December. Teacher presents are Amazon gift cards, not Pinterest creations. Basically everything has come from Amazon, eBay or Tesco (with my online grocery shopping). This has saved me traipsing/faffing about.

Wearing a hat for the morning school run: which has meant that I could hide my unwashed hair and delay my shower until I got home and could take as long as I wanted.

Naps: I haven’t been sleeping brilliantly at night so have had the occasional afternoon nap before collecting the girls to see me through until their bedtime with some semblance of sanity. (I recommend the Sleep Cycle app which wakes you up when you are in a less deep part of your sleep cycle so you feel less groggy afterwards.)

Getting things done early: cards, presents, decorations, all that stuff. I’ve been trying to get it all done fairly early so I’m not stressing about missing posting dates and forgetting stuff. I keep lots of lists on index cards and in the notes app on my phone to help with this.

Coffee: gallons of it.

Podcasts: to help me get out of my own head when I have no adult company for days on end.

DVDs and mulled wine: because I’ve had control of the TV for a fortnight, which is quite a novelty. I’ve watched Love Actually and The Princess Bride and knocked back a couple of bottles of red wine. This combination has been very helpful for helping to distract me from thinking about the children or PAS nonsense.

How are you looking after yourself amid the Christmas preparations and end-of-termishness? Share your secrets in the comments!



  1. Rachel J
    11 December 2016 / 7:17 am

    Wishing you strength, Hannah. I’m dreading next week my 3 are on their knees already and have a rollercoaster of a timetable to get through by Friday. I’m doing all the usual year-round stuff, with extra coffee and online shopping thrown in (I too have come down on the side of sanity over ethical dilemma). I’ve also started a crochet project I’ve been putting off for years, it gives me something mindless to do in quiet moments without feeling guilty that I should be doing “stuff” – it ain’t Christmas, but it’s constructive so ner-ner!
    Rach @A4470training

    • 11 December 2016 / 7:21 am

      The crochet sounds great! I’m doing a December scrapbooking project but am at the stage where I’m not sure if it’s helping with the stress or contributing to it! 🙂

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