Shall we try again tomorrow?

Today’s Sunday self-care was supposed to consist of festive photos from Copenhagen, where we are headed for a few days’ child-free rejuvenation before Christmas. But our flight yesterday morning was cancelled, so my photos are a bit more, well…

We spent six hours at Gatwick airport, queuing, waiting for announcements, going to the gate, being sent away, being went to another gate… and then returning via passport control and baggage reclaim to the place where we started. Rather than join the queue above we conducted our conversation with EasyJet’s customer services by phone and they sorted out a hotel for the night. They should also be reimbursing us, paying for a BA flight today and providing compensation. Phew.

Although we were frustrated and fed up yesterday afternoon, we have some rather excellent friends, one of whom sent prosseco to our room while we were at dinner! She should get some kind of award for being so lovely. This definitely cheered us up.

Having stayed overnight at Gatwick, today we’re off on the bus to Heathrow to try again. How about we try for some less alliterative Monday self-care instead?


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  1. KT
    18 December 2016 / 7:07 pm

    Ooh – I hope today goes more smoothly and you are in the land of the little mermaid (and Sara Lund!). What a magic touch from a friend with the prosecco. I love reading your posts and take great comfort and renewed vigour from them 😊. Have a wonderful and restorative break!

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