Self-care check-in

Checking in after week one of my 2017 self-care plan. How are you doing with yours? Around here it’s so far, so good.


I’ve made an appointment with a counsellor for next week to talk about how she might be able to help me handle the stress of (a) adoptive parenting/secondary trauma/CPV and (b) dealing with post-adoption support and their systematic removal of all the support we were previously receiving, while also (c) trying to look after myself and not go completely to pieces but continue to work and parent and function like a normal human being. So not much to ask of her then. Eeek.

I’ve been to an aquafit class. It is fair to say that I was one of the younger people participating, but that doesn’t bother me too much – the unavoidable changing-room eavesdropping was certainly entertaining. The class wasn’t too demanding, but it was fun. I think I’ll try one of the evening sessions sometime too – they’re labelled ‘aquafit bootcamp’ which sounds a bit alarming but I reckon there’ll be a younger demographic at that and there is the potential for Making Friends, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Church didn’t happen last week – Joanna was off the scale and destroying her room – can’t remember what set her off, something innocuous like asking what she wanted on her toast, I think – and we decided it was best to stay home and watch a film instead. So our plan of introducing ourselves to people over coffee at church was postponed. Let’s see if we can manage it this morning.

I’ve been using these post-its from the Blurt Foundation which were a Christmas present from a friend. I love them. Their #365daysofselfcare tag on Instagram is also worth a look if you’re after ideas for ways to look after yourself.

Loving these #365daysofselfcare notes from @theblurtfoundation. #strength2017

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Also, Me and Pete have two – TWO! – date nights lined up in the next couple of weeks.

All in all, then, a promising start. How about you? How are you looking after yourself this month?


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