A self-care playlist

A self-care playlist

As part of choosing a word for the year to encapsulate my plans and aspirations (more about my word for 2017 here), I like to put together a playlist. It remains a work in progress throughout the year, but is something I can put on in the car, or when I’m sitting at my desk feeling a bit meh, or am generally in need of a bit of uplifting something-or-other or want to remind myself about what I meant to focus on.

What I’m looking for in the songs I choose is a combination of

  • upbeat, cheering-up tunes for bleak days
  • feisty lyrics for when I need to write assertive emails
  • amusing songs
  • songs with lyrics that relate to my word

I can’t tell you what to put on yours, because your musical tastes may well be different from mine which are mainly still stuck in the 90s, but here are some ideas from mine to give you an idea.


I also have a venting playlist for when I’m angry. I heartily recommend having one of these you can stomp off and play on your phone/in the car at some considerable volume when you need to let off some steam without injuring anyone. I also have playlists for calming down the children (not that awful panpipes thing that DVD recommended), for cheering up the children, for reading, for working… I don’t have music on constantly, but do find it really helpful for setting or changing the mood, children permitting.

What would you put on your 2017 self-care playlist? Or your venting playlist? I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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  1. 15 January 2017 / 8:36 pm

    I can confess to having a melancholy playlist that cheers me up no end.

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