Rage and me, the human sponge

Adoptive parenting: sometimes it feels as though you live in a parallel universe. I don’t think most people realise that this is our reality: frequently dysregulated and violent children; a lack of support; and after having tried everything you can possibly think of, still feeling helpless to make anything change for the better. And still they rage. The door This was our bedroom door at 9.45 this morning (Saturday). We… View Post

Today at school: a saga of shouting, shambolic communication and a sneaky toffee. So there.

7.45 Dropped the girls at school for breakfast club. Joanna’s class teacher wasn’t in yet so I left a message asking her to call me about something that had upset Joanna yesterday. Another teacher (the one they are sent to when their own teacher’s tellings-off are deemed insufficient) had come into her classroom and shouted and it had frightened her. Every child whose name was on the board for bad… View Post

Self-care: medicating and pontificating 

I’ve spent quite a chunk of this week under my duvet dosed up with half a pharmacy. I’m inclined to call it flu rather than a cold because I usually battle on through colds but this whatever-it-is has floored me. I ache in weird places (not just sinuses and gums but also knees and toe joints). Bleugh. But while I’ve been otherwise out of action I have been writing a short… View Post