Thankful Thursday #20

Gratitude is officially good for your mental health. (Harvard says so, so it must be true.) As a self-care practice, it’s great to record things you’re grateful for – big and small. So here’s Thankful Thursday – my list of things I’m grateful for this week.

This week I’m thankful because:

  • We got the tree up before the end of term.
  • I’ve finished my Christmas shopping.
  • We got the cards and presents in the post before the last posting deadline (just).
  • Pete and I had a day out before the girls finished school – we saw Murder on the Orient Express and had a Nice Lunch Out (which has become a tradition for us at Christmas). It was lovely. (Hurrah for self-care!)
  • The children survived the insanity that is December in a primary school (rehearsals, a concert, multiple mufti days, cinema trips, parties, a disco…) without being suspended.
  • I have not yet shouted at any social workers, despite provocation.

All this was looking rather unlikely this time last week, so I’m particularly glad that it all seems to have come together. Phew.

What are you grateful for this week?

Share the Thankful Thursday joy and let me know in the comments – it’s good for you! 😉


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