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Hello if you’re visiting from Mummascribbles’ blog – it’s great to have you here! Please have a look around and make yourself at home. Keep reading for some suggestions of good places to start. 😊

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog and would like to get to know me a bit better, hop over to Mummascribbles’ blog to read an interview I did with her recently.


Where do I begin?

adoptive-parents-self-care-clubSome great places to start if you’re new around here:

Advice for prospective adopters

My free resources

Adoptive families’ mental health: a 9-year-old’s letter to the Royal Family

10 ways to help an adoptive family

10 mental health challenges for adoptive parents

The Adoptive Parents’ Self-Care Club

What next?

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more resources and self-care encouragement. I’d love to get to know you! Here’s a look at some of the resources I’ve gathered for adoptive families on Pinterest, for example:

I’m also really excited about my new Facebook group. Adoptive parents can join that (and get some handy freebies) here.


So dive in, have a rummage about, and say hello! You’re very welcome, and I hope you’ll visit again.


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