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Are you ready to reclaim your evenings for self-care while also taking the stress out of one of the biggest issues for adoptive families? I have a solution!

People have been telling me that the main problem they face with self-care is finding the time and the energy, so I was keen to address that head-on by providing practical solutions. So… I’m very excited to announce that I finally have a shop! It’s something I’ve been wanting to set up for a while, so I could make a wider range of relevant resources and services available to adoptive parents.

The first product in the shop is my bundle of template letters. You may previously have seen my template letter for letterbox contact or my letter for new teachers explaining your child’s needs. They’re still available free on my resources page, but for the updated, easier to edit versions, you can grab them as part of the bundle.

Template letter bundle

What’s included in this bundle of letters?

The template letter bundle contains 8 customisable letters to download in Word formatThey’re a great way to help you get your message across clearly while saving your time and energy. No need to procrastinate about that letter to your social worker or headteacher – these letters take away the stress and make it quick and easy, so you can reclaim your evening!

Includes the following template letters:

  • Request for school to claim Pupil Premium Plus
  • Enquiry about how school is spending Pupil Premium Plus
  • Request for therapy
  • Request for assessment of needs from post-adoption support
  • Letter to teacher about child’s needs in school
  • Request for EHCP assessment

And the following example letters:

  • Letterbox contact with birth parents
  • Complaint about a professional’s conduct

With the template letters, all you need to do is change the highlighted text and you’re good to go.

The example letters provide a structure and show what I’ve used before. They need a little more input from you (because the content is much more personal) but will still help you format a letter of your own.

What else is coming to the shop?

I have a proofreading and copy-editing service coming very soon, along with a service where I take the details from you by email, phone, or Skype, and write a bespoke letter for you, tailored to your circumstances and specifications. Keep reading…

Why should I pay for these things?

Just as sometimes it’s easier to order a takeaway rather than cook for yourself, sometimes you need someone to take the stress out of the letter-writing process. I’ve looked up the legislation and guidance around issues such as Pupil Premium Plus and adoptive families’ right to have an assessment of need, quoted relevant passages and provided links, so that you don’t have to spend the time doing that yourself. With my template letters, just change the highlighted text to your own family’s details and you’re ready to go. Yes, there’s a small charge, because this is how I make a living. 🙂

Of course, if you’d rather spend your time writing your own letter, that’s fine too. You’ll find 7 tips for writing to professionals, completely free, here on my blog. If you want a second pair of eyes to look it over when you’re finished, you can always use my proofreading/editing service. (I’m a trained and experienced member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, having worked in publishing for nearly 20 years.)

Or perhaps you are completely snowed under and/or stressed out by a particular letter, or what you need to write doesn’t fit neatly into one of my templates. Get in touch and you can hire me to write the whole thing for you, with a free round of edits to make sure you’re completely happy with it.

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Sounds good. What next?

If you want to try out the template letters for yourself, you can get them now, right here. The other services will be in my shop in the next few days, but if you need them right now, just get in touch and we can start talking! I’d love to help you out.

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