How to kick-start your self-care in 2019

Has your self-care been on the back burner lately? It can be hard to prioritise taking care of yourself and making sure your needs are met when life pulls you in multiple directions, all demanding your time and attention.

Add in children with additional needs, ‘support’ services that cause more angst than they solve, and a scattering of paperwork and meetings, and it’s not surprising many adoptive parents are completely frazzled and not managing to look after themselves well.

Do you want to clear your head and focus on yourself for a few minutes each day?

Would it be helpful to take a little bit of time out to make sure your family’s powerhouse – the person who makes it all happen (that’s you) is properly cared for and running as well as possible?

Enter the self-care kick-start

I want to help you start the year as you mean to go on – with more energy, more support, a positive mindset and a great crowd of other adoptive parents cheering you on.

Sound good? It’s happening over in my Facebook group every day in January and it’s completely free. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • finding time for self-care
  • what to do about childcare
  • identifying your personal self-care needs
  • improving your support network
  • getting more sleep
  • clarifying your boundaries
  • and more!

I’ll be posting a new challenge each morning and will be active in the group every day to answer questions and generally cheer you on. You’ll end the month with:

  • more clarity about your self-care
  • more support
  • more time for yourself
  • more of the things that make you feel recharged
  • a practical self-care routine

How to join the self-care kick-start

If this sounds like something you need in your life, I would love it if you’d come and join us. Just click here to reach the sign-up for the Adoptive Parents’ Self-Care Club Facebook group, answer the three questions to help me serve you better, and I’ll make sure you’re in the group ready for the kick-off on Tuesday 1 January.

Each day throughout January I’ll be posting a daily challenge for you to act on. It won’t be anything time-consuming or difficult, but the cumulative effect of taking all these small actions will set you up with a great foundation for the rest of the year.

So, are you in? It won’t be the same without you!

Join the challenge

Excellent! Now how about inviting some friends, so you can spur each other on too!

This January, I’m doing @hlmeadows’ Self-Care Kick-Start Challenge for adoptive parents! Come and join me! Click To Tweet

Thanks! I look forward to helping you conquer your self-care this January! 😊

The Adoptive Parents' Self-Care Club

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