Competition | Instant Family

I was recently invited to a preview screening of Instant Family – a film about fostering and adoption. Billed as ‘a feel-good movie for everyone’, I was intrigued. Pete and I have often muttered that our experience as adoptive parents is worthy of a sitcom, but to see an adoptive family on the big screen as light entertainment? Would it ring true? Would I just cry all the way through? Only one way to find out.… View Post

How to prioritise self-care

I get it. You’re busy and frazzled. Your children have additional needs and require a lot of your time and energy. You have a household to run, school stuff to organise, and work of your own. Frankly, looking after your own needs comes a long way down the list. Prioritise self-care? Not likely. Maybe you think meeting all the other demands on your time is more important than getting a rest. Maybe you… View Post

Review | The Children of Albion

It’s fiction. But for adoptive families and others involved in the lives of looked-after children, it resonates with chilling familiarity. The Children of Albion draws you into the bleak, mixed-up world of children who might be described as ‘on the edge of care’ – experiencing parental neglect, having frequent brushes with the law, pursued by educational welfare officers, and recruited into gangs. It’s not a relaxing read, but it is… View Post

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about self-care

You can’t meet your child’s needs as well as you would like to if your own system is depleted because you haven’t recharged. Self-care doesn’t only benefit you, it benefits your child because she has a happier, calmer, more engaged parent as a result. … View Post