Writing as self-care

This is a guest post by Emma Sutton, who has recently published her adoption story, And Then There Were Four. The book joins Emma meeting her husband at a Ceroc class, and follows them through infertility, the adoption process, introductions and beyond! Here she talks about how she finds writing to be a form of self-care. […]

A self-care playlist

As part of choosing a word for the year to encapsulate my plans and aspirations (more about my word for 2017 here), I like to put together a playlist. It remains a work in progress throughout the year, but is something I can put on in the car, or when I’m sitting at my desk feeling a […]

Self-care check-in

Checking in after week one of my 2017 self-care plan. How are you doing with yours? Around here it’s so far, so good. I’ve made an appointment with a counsellor for next week to talk about how she might be able to help me handle the stress of (a) adoptive parenting/secondary trauma/CPV and (b) dealing […]

My 5 favourite self-care podcasts

Image: AKG K550 Loud by Michael Heigl Disclaimer: podcasts do not always guarantee euphoria. I love podcasts. They’re great at helping me get out of my own head for a while, they’re portable and sit on my phone until I’m ready for them, they make me laugh or think about things differently or just distract me from […]

My self-care week

With Pete away, a hundred school Christmas activities both during and after school hours, work deadlines and Christmas to organise, not to mention being full of a cold, I’ve had to prioritise getting a dose of self-care every day in order to continue to function when I really wanted to hibernate. Here’s what self care […]

8 ways to do self-care hygge-style

I’m reading a lot about hygge at the moment. You can’t have failed to notice that it’s everywhere at the moment, especially if you step into a bookshop. There’s a huge amount of overlap with self-care, with its emphasis on emotional wellbeing and comfort. So here are a few ways you can incorporate it into […]