I’m Hannah Meadows: wife to the wondrous Pete, and adoptive mum of Joanna (9) and Charlotte (7). I help adoptive parents look after themselves by providing resources and advice. Hello.

Though they are marvellous in many ways, our children’s early trauma means we also live with child-on-parent violence. We think it likely that Charlotte also has FASD (foetal alcohol spectrum disorder) and, like many adopters, we are constantly battling for better support for them (and us). You’ll see a lot about that battle on this site.

You’ll also find

And that summarises everything around here. If you’re not sure where to start, then click on one of the most popular posts (above) and leave a comment to say hello.


I’m currently working on a book about self-care for adoptive parents, following my seven-part series on this topic.  (You can also get my free guide ‘A Week of Self-Care for Adoptive Parents’ here.)

I write about adoption for a range of publications and am available to commission for blogs and articles, both in mainstream media and for adoption organisations.

Avoiding Dory’, standardissuemagazine.com, 20 July 2016


KFC ad ruffles feathers’, Parentdish.co.uk (now Huffington Post), 16 February 2015









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