I’m Hannah Meadows. I help adoptive parents look after themselves and find the practical resources they need so that they are equipped to help their families thrive. Hello.

Our family

I’m married to the wondrous Pete, and adoptive mum to Joanna (10) and Charlotte (9). The girls are kind, creative, and hilarious, but because of their early trauma we also live with child-to-parent violence.

Girls with hands over faces

Joanna loves Harry Potter, is a strident feminist (hurrah!), and is full of questions about everything (though she often prefers to make up her own answers). She has a disorganised attachment disorder, PTSD, and clinical depression. She’s also awaiting an assessment by the FASD clinic.

Charlotte loves horses and princesses. She’s great at impressions (she does the best Moaning Myrtle), and she can make pretty much anything with a cardboard box and all the sellotape she can lay her hands on. She’s autistic, has ADHD and pFAS, and an ambivalent attachment disorder.

Like many adoptive parents, Pete and I are constantly battling for better support for them (and us). You’ll see a lot about that battle around here – it fuels my enthusiasm to help others in a similar position.

On this site

You’ll also find

If you’re not sure where to start, then click on one of the most popular posts (above) and leave a comment to say hello, or ask a question. I’d love to hear from you.


I’m currently working on a book about self-care for adoptive parents, following my seven-part series on this topic.  You can read a sample from the first chapter and my free guide ‘A Week of Self-Care for Adoptive Parents’ here.

I write about adoption for a range of publications and am available to commission for blogs and articles, both in mainstream media and for adoption organisations.

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