5 ways to find great childcare for SEN children

Want to have more self-care time but think it’s impossible to get appropriate childcare? Out of ideas after your children’s anxiety-driven behaviours and your mum’s nerves proved to be incompatible? Here are some ideas you might not have tried when searching for great SEN-friendly childminders.… View Post

Parenting autistic children: 17 things I’ve learnt this week

It’s been a week since our 8-year-old daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with autism. I’ve been reading about it to try to understand as much as I can. The lightbulb moments keep on coming. Turns out parenting autistic children and therapeutic parenting of adopted children are pretty similar, but there’s still a whole load of stuff to find out about.… View Post

The FASD clinic: 1 child, 2 days, 3 diagnoses

We had previously believed all Charlotte’s difficulties and behaviours were a combination of attachment and trauma. No doubt they play their part, but the whole picture of what is going on in her head is now both more clear and more complicated. In some ways, with all this new information to find and take in, I feel as though I’ve landed on the moon and I don’t have a map yet.… View Post

7 sleep solutions for adoptive parents

Do your children struggle to settle or wake up before dawn? This has been a struggle for us, and we now have a number of strategies in place. Here are my 7 sleep solutions for adoptive families to get more rest. Which ones have you tried?… View Post

Thankful Thursday #19

Gratitude is officially good for your mental health. (Harvard says so, so it must be true.) As a self-care practice, it’s great to record things you’re grateful for – big and small. So here’s Thankful Thursday – my list of things I’m grateful for this week. This week I’m thankful because: Pete finishes work for Christmas tomorrow. This gives us three days of quiet before the children break up. We intend to… View Post