Review | The Secrets of Successful Adoptive Parenting

I recently reviewed The Secrets of Successful Adoptive Parenting for the current issue of Adoption Today, the magazine for members of Adoption UK. (If you’re not a member, I recommend it – helpful magazines, local meet-ups, and an excellent conference.) Space is naturally limited in print, so here is a longer version of the review than the one I submitted. About the book This is a thorough guide to how to… View Post

Mumsnet’s #Blogfest16: live blog

I’m in London today for Blogfest – my first time attending. I’m not entirely sure what to expect except a lot of talking, the promise of cocktails, and an apparently legendary goody bag. But I’ll endeavour to blog about what I’m getting up to. Here goes… 4.15 I have woken up (because my brain is incapable of waiting for alarms) and am having the internal conversation about what to wear,… View Post

In praise of screen time

When the girls are plugged in to their Kindles they are quiet, still, absorbed. They listen to stories. They watch the videos we’ve installed (and we don’t have to be subjected to Frozen on the TV). … View Post

Why we won’t be Finding Dory this summer

I’ve written a piece for Standard Issue about Finding Dory. (And the editor kept my terrible puns in. Win.) On the same day last week, we had (a) an email from post-adoption support about the potential for the content of the film (separation from/reuniting with birth parents) to be decidedly unhelpful for adopted children, and (b) a leaflet home in the girls’ school bags about how wonderful Finding Dory is in connection with… View Post

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to another Thankful Thursday. It feels like it is properly spring around here now. I even put my washing outside on the line yesterday, so it must be true. This week, I have enjoyed… Reading Mothers’ Day cards from my daft children. Charlotte made one in her group at church which said Mummy does X, Y and Z for me, and I want to show my love for her by… View Post