The children are bouncing off the walls, the relatives are inadvertently contributing to your stress levels, and the presents you bought online still aren’t here, let alone wrapped. You feel like hibernating until January with all the mince pies and chocolates and only emerging once everyone’s back to normal. Or is that just me? The Christmas holidays can be hard for adoptive families. There are strong emotions flowing and so many… View Post

Today marks the halfway point of the summer holidays for us: it’s day 20 of 40. It feels like much longer. The words I’m seeing from other adopters are ‘relentless’ and ‘incessant’. These words are used all year round, of course, but the summer seems to amplify those feelings because culturally it is supposed to be a holiday. It isn’t. It’s six weeks of dysregulated children being given nice things… View Post

That long expanse of summer holiday fills some with joy and others with horror. For those of us with children who thrive on routine, the summer can be a difficult time. They find it hard to adjust to the differences and anticipate September transitions to new classes and new schools. Enter the summer holiday schedule. Using the summer holiday schedule This is an easy-to-edit Word file that I update every… View Post

It’s another of those things that separates me from the other parents at the school gate. On the rare occasions that I find myself engaged in a conversation outside school and not ducking in early to retrieve Joanna after some misdemeanour, someone will inevitably pipe up ‘nearly the weekend’, with a sense of joyous anticipation. I don’t share it. ‘That Friday feeling’ for me is one of dread. Welcome to… View Post

Welcome to the fifth of my Self-Care Week posts. I’m revisiting this series of about the different aspects of self-care which I first published in early 2015. I’m using the hashtag #selfcareweek on Twitter and Instagram and would love it if you’d join me. If you missed them, here’s where you can find the previous posts: 1: Sleep 2: Support 3: Sports 4: Sustenance Space Space I am an only child, and I am an introvert.… View Post