How to make a self-care advent wreath

Advent – looking forward to Christmas – can be a time of additional stress and frantic activity, especially if you’re the one who takes responsibility for managing the family’s plans, presents, and general merriment. So how about you take an hour out to make yourself a self-care advent wreath? It’s both a decoration and a visual reminder to take time out for yourself, filled with ideas for how to do exactly that. It’s super-easy and will help you stay sane in December!… View Post

5 ways to find great childcare for SEN children

Want to have more self-care time but think it’s impossible to get appropriate childcare? Out of ideas after your children’s anxiety-driven behaviours and your mum’s nerves proved to be incompatible? Here are some ideas you might not have tried when searching for great SEN-friendly childminders.… View Post

Your self-care questions answered

I asked you for your self-care questions, and you shared your particular challenges, particularly around common themes of time, childcare, guilt, and healthy self-care. Here I share some of the solutions that my family use to carve out self-care time and get a break from the craziness of adoptive family life.… View Post

The Adoptive Parents’ Self-Care Club

I now have a rather marvellous new members’ Facebook group as well as the public page. Exciting! The Adoptive Parents’ Self-Care Club Facebook group is a place to talk more about self-care and to cheer each other on. There are questions to discuss, mini self-care challenges, and all sorts of self-care shenanigans to encourage you to look after yourself. Come and join in!… View Post

Sleep: the best form of self-care?

What better self-care is there than sleep? It’s good for your mental health. It’s when your body repairs itself. It’s one of my favourite ways to look after myself. Are you getting enough sleep? How might you benefit from a few more hours? Here some answers and strategies for achieving it.… View Post