Hello, goodbye

It’s been a week of beginnings and endings. Tuesday: Hello, new therapist  On Tuesday, after a few false starts, I finally had a first session with a therapist. I’d had about four sessions with a PAC counsellor a couple of years ago and found it immensely frustrating – it was a 45 minute drive away, and the counsellor wanted to give me parenting tips rather than talk about my own… View Post

A self-care playlist

As part of choosing a word for the year to encapsulate my plans and aspirations (more about my word for 2017 here), I like to put together a playlist. It remains a work in progress throughout the year, but is something I can put on in the car, or when I’m sitting at my desk feeling a bit meh, or am generally in need of a bit of uplifting something-or-other or want… View Post

Strength: my 2017 self-care plan

I have got into the habit of choosing a word for the year to help me focus on what I feel is most important. In 2016 my word was ‘story’, because my focus was on some writing projects I wanted to give more attention to and because I am conscious that the way I live and the choices I make ‘write’ my own story and those of my family. This… View Post

My 5 favourite self-care podcasts

Image: AKG K550 Loud by Michael Heigl Disclaimer: podcasts do not always guarantee euphoria. I love podcasts. They’re great at helping me get out of my own head for a while, they’re portable and sit on my phone until I’m ready for them, they make me laugh or think about things differently or just distract me from the bleugh. In short, they are a great form of self-care. Here are my current favourites.… View Post

Shall we try again tomorrow?

Today’s Sunday self-care was supposed to consist of festive photos from Copenhagen, where we are headed for a few days’ child-free rejuvenation before Christmas. But our flight yesterday morning was cancelled, so my photos are a bit more, well… We spent six hours at Gatwick airport, queuing, waiting for announcements, going to the gate, being sent away, being went to another gate… and then returning via passport control and baggage… View Post