My self-care week

With Pete away, a hundred school Christmas activities both during and after school hours, work deadlines and Christmas to organise, not to mention being full of a cold, I’ve had to prioritise getting a dose of self-care every day in order to continue to function when I really wanted to hibernate. Here’s what self care has looked like for me this week. Online shopping: I hardly do any shopping in… View Post

8 ways to do self-care hygge-style

I’m reading a lot about hygge at the moment. You can’t have failed to notice that it’s everywhere at the moment, especially if you step into a bookshop. There’s a huge amount of overlap with self-care, with its emphasis on emotional wellbeing and comfort. So here are a few ways you can incorporate it into your own life to help stave off some of the pre-Christmas stress. Light a fire:… View Post

The return of #sundayselfcare

I’m delighted to announce the return of my regular #sundayselfcare posts. They’re coming back this very Sunday, starting with a review of The Blurt Foundation’s ‘buddy box’, which I received for the the first time this month. What’s in it? Does it help? Should you try it? Watch this space.  

Self-Care Week, Day 7: Superfluities

‘I don’t care if it smells of unicorn breath and ultra-rare Himalayan orchids. It is soap. Thus, shower gel is not a treat.’… View Post

Self-Care Week, Day 5: Space

Welcome to the fifth of my Self-Care Week posts. I’m revisiting this series of about the different aspects of self-care which I first published in early 2015. I’m using the hashtag #selfcareweek on Twitter and Instagram and would love it if you’d join me. If you missed them, here’s where you can find the previous posts: 1: Sleep 2: Support 3: Sports 4: Sustenance Space Space I am an only child, and I am an introvert.… View Post