CPV stories

The adoption community is full of amazing people: bright, articulate and determined.
(Also exhausted, but let’s come back to that one later.)
Together our voices can make a difference for parents facing child-to-parent violence.


Whenever I’ve written about my family’s experiences of CPV (child-to-parent violence), I’ve had a wave of responses from people in similar situations. Gratitude that they have recognised something of their story in mine. Appreciation that there is someone else’s story they can share with others to help explain what this ‘different normal’ is like to live with.

I feel this too when I read other people’s CPV blogs – that mixture of sadness for them and relief at having connected with someone who understands.

Why CPV stories?

In this spirit I’ve created this space where we can share all our CPV experiences. There are some great places online for sharing general adoption blogs, but this one is specific to CPV. The reason for this space is twofold:

  1. So we can feel that we are not alone in this experience, and support each other by commenting, even if that’s just a ‘here too’. The adoption community is great at this. Please encourage others with a quick (or not-so-quick) comment on the blogs you read.
  2. So we can show the professionals (post-adoption support, government policy-makers, etc) that this is a widespread and serious problem in need of attention and resources. Having a central place to collect our experiences provides a body of evidence from adoptive families across the country.
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