Post-adoption support and the safe holding debate: an update

Eighteen months ago, I wrote an account of the handover of post-adoption support from our daughters’ placing LA to our own LA, three years after the adoption order was granted. I discussed the lack of understanding that we had experienced when we asked for safe holding training in the face of frequent child to parent violence. The experience was horrible and made me physically ill. We lived in fear of safeguarding proceedings for weeks. I think it’s time for an update.… View Post

Parenting autistic children: 17 things I’ve learnt this week

It’s been a week since our 8-year-old daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with autism. I’ve been reading about it to try to understand as much as I can. The lightbulb moments keep on coming. Turns out parenting autistic children and therapeutic parenting of adopted children are pretty similar, but there’s still a whole load of stuff to find out about.… View Post

The FASD clinic: 1 child, 2 days, 3 diagnoses

We had previously believed all Charlotte’s difficulties and behaviours were a combination of attachment and trauma. No doubt they play their part, but the whole picture of what is going on in her head is now both more clear and more complicated. In some ways, with all this new information to find and take in, I feel as though I’ve landed on the moon and I don’t have a map yet.… View Post

Adoption introductions: staying sane and making memories

Adoption introductions are daunting for everyone. You’ve finally made it through both approval and matching, and now it all suddenly gets very real. Exactly how much is this little person going to turn your life upside-down? Here are the things we did – and wish we’d done – during adoption introductions.… View Post

Review | Ellie Jelly and the Massive Mum Meltdown

Which of us, despite our best therapeutic parenting intentions, hasn’t occasionally (or more than occasionally) lost the plot with our children when things have all gone pear-shaped? Ellie Jelly and the Massive Mum Meltdown is ‘a story about when parents lose their temper and want to put things right’. Read my review.… View Post