Review | The Children of Albion

It’s fiction. But for adoptive families and others involved in the lives of looked-after children, it resonates with chilling familiarity. The Children of Albion draws you into the bleak, mixed-up world of children who might be described as ‘on the edge of care’ – experiencing parental neglect, having frequent brushes with the law, pursued by educational welfare officers, and recruited into gangs. It’s not a relaxing read, but it is… View Post

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about self-care

You can’t meet your child’s needs as well as you would like to if your own system is depleted because you haven’t recharged. Self-care doesn’t only benefit you, it benefits your child because she has a happier, calmer, more engaged parent as a result. … View Post

How to kick-start your self-care in 2019

I want to help you start the year as you mean to go on – with more energy, more support, a positive mindset and a great crowd of other adoptive parents cheering you on.

Sound good? It’s happening over in my Facebook group every day in January and it’s completely free.… View Post

Review: The Very Wobbly Christmas

The Very Wobbly Christmas, the latest book from Sarah Naish, is a (hilariously?) accurate portrayal of the struggles of an adoptive family at Christmas. All the different worries and consequent behaviours of the children are covered with an appropriately light touch, reassuring the children reading/listening that the adults in their life know what is going on for them. I really appreciated the tone of the book – no judgement of… View Post

I have a shop! Come and see!

Are you ready to reclaim your evenings for self-care while also taking the stress out of one of the biggest issues for adoptive families? I have a solution!

People have been telling me that the main problem they face with self-care is finding the time and the energy, so I was keen to address that head-on by providing practical solutions. So… I’m very excited to announce that I finally have a shop!… View Post