Mumsnet’s #Blogfest16: live blog

I’m in London today for Blogfest – my first time attending. I’m not entirely sure what to expect except a lot of talking, the promise of cocktails, and an apparently legendary goody bag. But I’ll endeavour to blog about what I’m getting up to. Here goes… 4.15 I have woken up (because my brain is incapable of waiting for alarms) and am having the internal conversation about what to wear,… View Post

Making life story books with Project Life

If you need to create a life story book for your adopted child, it can be hard to know where to start. Making life story books with Project Life simplifies the whole business and makes it really easy to change things around as they get older. Here’s how I made them for my daughters.… View Post

Review: How to talk so kids will listen

I read this book primarily because I am taking part in the newly-formed therapeutic parents’ book club (#tpbooks), which was initiated by @PedallingSolo on Twitter. (Genius idea. Come and join us. More of that in a moment.) The premise of the book is that we can improve communication with our children by going about the whole business a bit differently. It’s not adoption-specific, but nor is it full of the sort… View Post

What adoption means to my children

Our daughters Joanna and Charlotte were adopted at 4 and 3 respectively. They’re now 8 and 6. Although my feelings about National Adoption Week are decidedly mixed (short version: I wish they put as much energy and cash into post-adoption support as they do into recruiting adoptive parents), in honour of the occasion I thought I’d ask our two what adoption means to them and what they’d say to prospective adopters. Here… View Post

The Best Exotic Post-Adoption Support

Our post-adoption support team changed recently. Three years after the adoption order, we switched from the placing LA – a lovely team who even responded to messages on their days off and in the evenings because they really cared – to our own LA, who are… different.… View Post