Summer holiday survival resources: the ‘magic’ activity chooser

Sounds ridiculous. Looks simple. But this thing is magic. Yes, it’s just like the ‘fortune tellers’ we made as children, but with activities in. (If you need a quick set of instructions, there are some here.) I’ve chosen activities that our children can do without much intervention or set-up from me, for those ‘I’m bored and I don’t know what to do’ moments that happen about seventy times a day in… View Post

Summer holiday survival resources: the schedule

We are now 24 hours in to the summer holidays and things are more or less on track. The girls have now been with us for four Julys. We have established that Joanna in particular Does Not Like Them, and that the last day of the school year is especially hard for her as she says goodbye to her teachers. First year: Bit her nursery key worker and hit some other… View Post

Why we won’t be Finding Dory this summer

I’ve written a piece for Standard Issue about Finding Dory. (And the editor kept my terrible puns in. Win.) On the same day last week, we had (a) an email from post-adoption support about the potential for the content of the film (separation from/reuniting with birth parents) to be decidedly unhelpful for adopted children, and (b) a leaflet home in the girls’ school bags about how wonderful Finding Dory is in connection with… View Post

Self-care live blog

Thursday 6.00am I have four days of sanity-preserving self-care happening this weekend. I’ll be checking in to my hotel room later today, for a big dose of sleep, reading, spa visits, swimming, Starbuckery, bookshop-mooching, stationery-impulse-buying, Wagamamification, scrapbooking and just doing what I like, child-free, until lunchtime on Monday.  (YES.) I’ll be sharing the joy here, on Twitter and on Instagram, and would love your virtual company. Check back throughout the… View Post

10 easy ways to practise self-care

Self-care is vital – especially for adoptive parents and all those caring for children with additional needs – but it needn’t take up lots of time or cash. Here are 10 easy ways to practise self-care and give yourself a dose of TLC. These ideas won’t change the world, but they’ll give you a dose of sanity for half an hour. 1. Do something differently They say a change is as… View Post