I have a shop! Come and see!

Are you ready to reclaim your evenings for self-care while also taking the stress out of one of the biggest issues for adoptive families? I have a solution!

People have been telling me that the main problem they face with self-care is finding the time and the energy, so I was keen to address that head-on by providing practical solutions. So… I’m very excited to announce that I finally have a shop!… View Post

How to make a self-care advent wreath

Advent – looking forward to Christmas – can be a time of additional stress and frantic activity, especially if you’re the one who takes responsibility for managing the family’s plans, presents, and general merriment. So how about you take an hour out to make yourself a self-care advent wreath? It’s both a decoration and a visual reminder to take time out for yourself, filled with ideas for how to do exactly that. It’s super-easy and will help you stay sane in December!… View Post

5 ways to find great childcare for SEN children

Want to have more self-care time but think it’s impossible to get appropriate childcare? Out of ideas after your children’s anxiety-driven behaviours and your mum’s nerves proved to be incompatible? Here are some ideas you might not have tried when searching for great SEN-friendly childminders.… View Post

Post-adoption support and the special school saga

The safeguarding team, who were supposed to be helping Joanna get a residential special school place, have decided after 9 months of faffage and harassment that actually they can’t be bothered. So what happens now?… View Post

Not back to school: why we still love home educating

We’re still very happy with our decision to home educate the girls. They’re still saying that they prefer it to school; I’m still relishing not having to do the school run. Here’s why I’m glad we took the plunge.… View Post