Pirate banana (aka how to get fruit into children)

The tale of the pirate banana goes like this: Me: Would you like a banana? Joanna: Um, no thanks. Me: Pirate banana? Joanna: Yeah! Job done.

Weekend in focus: homework, church, and how babies come out of tummies

In Weekend in focus I review the weekend and look at our therapeutic parenting successes and failures, with the aim of learning something each time.  Friday night On Friday after school I took Charlotte to the library while Joanna had football. Charlotte behaved beautifully in the library until we bumped into one of her friends, and then a shrieky game of hide-and-seek ensued. Hmmm. Thankfully it was soon time to… View Post

The seven components of self-care, part four: Sustenance

Introduction Welcome to the fourth in my series of Sunday Self-Care posts. Each Sunday I’m adding a new blog post about a different aspect of self-care. I’ll be using the hashtag #sundayselfcare on Twitter and Instagram and would love it if you’d join me. If you missed them, here’s where you can find the previous posts: The seven components of self-care, part one: sleep The seven components of self-care, part two: support The seven components of self-care, part… View Post

Review | Splosh cleaning products

What is Splosh? Splosh is an environmentally friendly range of cleaning products delivered (free) by post. They are sold as sachets of concentrate, so you pop them in a bottle, add hot water, give them a shake, and they’re ready to go. You can either recycle your own bottles or buy the relevant ones in a Splosh starter kit, which is what I did. I liked the ordering process. First… View Post

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to my fourth Thankful Thursday post. This week, I have enjoyed… Reading Why Can’t My Child Behave? by Amber Elliott The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You by Jessica Turner The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman Writing A blog post about the role of food in self-care, the fourth in my #sundayselfcare series. Notes to send with Message Muffins (I sent the gingerbread doctor to cheer up a couple of friends who aren’t well).… View Post