Thankful Thursday

Welcome to another Thankful Thursday. This week, I have enjoyed… Reading Posts on CPV (child-to-parent violence). Well, ‘enjoyed’ is the wrong word. But it is lovely to see the solidarity amongst the Twitter adoption community in standing up together and sharing our experiences and saying ‘people need to know that this is a real issue’. We have had to hold both our girls to keep everyone safe and have had no… View Post

Weekend in focus: prizes and pilfering

In Weekend in focus I review the weekend and look at our therapeutic parenting successes and failures, with the aim of learning something each time. Win, win, win Friday night was about celebrating successes. Joanna has been going to football club on a Friday night since January. She seems to have a bit of a talent for it, if I say so myself. And this week after school we watched her save two… View Post

The seven components of self-care, part five: Space

Introduction Welcome to the fifth in my series of Sunday Self-Care posts. Each Sunday I’m adding a new blog post about a different aspect of self-care. I’ll be using the hashtag #sundayselfcare on Twitter and Instagram and would love it if you’d join me. If you missed them, here’s where you can find the previous posts: The seven components of self-care, part one: sleep The seven components of self-care, part two: support The seven components of self-care,… View Post

The Girl Done Good

So. This happened. Totally deserved. She has tried so hard and been participating in lessons all day long several days this week, instead of just doing one-to-one activities with her LSA… so proud of her.

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to this week’s Thankful Thursday. This week’s highlights have included… Reading This blog post about a retrospective view of parenting. Victoria Coren Mitchell’s Guardian column on feminism. This blog post about writing by Don Miller – I love the diving analogy. Really resonates with me. I feel like I am constantly resurfacing. Writing About time out (for parents, coming to a blog near you on Sunday) and time in (for children, here).… View Post