Weekend in focus: the end of half term

In Weekend in focus I review the weekend and look at our therapeutic parenting successes and failures, with the aim of learning something each time. On Saturday things got going slowly. We started with our usual routine of the girls coming in to our room for a cuddle at 7.30, then taking themselves downstairs to watch CBeebies while we have a lie-in. This usually means half an hour or so of… View Post

The seven components of self-care, part three: Sports

Introduction Welcome to the third in my series of Sunday Self-Care posts. Each Sunday for the next few weeks there’ll be a new blog post about a different aspect of self-care. I’ll be using the hashtag #sundayselfcare on Twitter and Instagram and would love it if you’d join me. If you missed them, here’s where you can find the previous posts: The seven components of self-care, part one: sleep The seven components of self-care, part two:… View Post

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to the third post a weekly series that I’m calling Thankful Thursday. This week, I have enjoyed… Reading Responses to that KFC ad. Rhik Samadder on the rebranding of Lent in Wednesday’s Guardian. Writing This article for Parentdish about the new KFC advert. A blog post about self-care and exercise and adoptive parenting (coming on Sunday). Watching The Great Comic Relief Bake Off (fabulous television). Minuscule (a very silly animation about insects which… View Post

A Very Serious Poll of Pancake Preferences

Twitter nearly came to a standstill today in a debate even greater than the rights and wrongs of the KFC ad. It’s time to settle the argument. Please cast your vote (you can choose more than one)…

A bit more about *that* KFC ‘families’ advert

In case you missed me tweeting the life out of it yesterday, I wrote an article for Parentdish about reactions to KFC’s latest TV ad, which features an adoptive family. In the article, I quoted a few disgrunted tweets from people who thought the ad was exploitative and/or oversimplified in its treatment of the issue of adoption and the effects of trauma. Some people thought it suggested KFC was a… View Post