Thankful Thursday

Welcome to the first of a weekly series that I’m calling Thankful Thursday. (Shhh. Late already and it’s only my third post. Bit embarrassing. But moving right along…) This week, I have enjoyed… Reading This blog post about writing by Jen Hatmaker and this one about post-adoption support by Al Coates. I’ve also started Commit by Linda Formicelli, whose books The Renegade Writer and The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock I really loved. Writing… View Post


The Meadows family: Hannah Writer, Scrabble enthusiast, ironing procrastinator. Likes to say: ‘Be careful!’ and ‘Is it bedtime yet?’ Can be bribed with: Sleep and trips to Starbucks. Pete Charity communications chap, regional TV and local radio geek. Likes to say: ‘I’ve just got five more minutes of tweeting to do first…’ Can be bribed with: Trips to McDonalds. Joanna Six, loves Lego, plays football, wants to be an astronaut/engineer/inventor.… View Post

Getting started

Hello and thanks for visiting! I’m an author and adoptive mum, currently working on a series of booklets about different aspects of adoptive parenting. The first one should be released in April. There’ll be more to see here soon – please check back and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates.