Thankful Thursday

Welcome to the second of a weekly series that I’m calling Thankful Thursday. (You can read last week’s post here.) This week, I have enjoyed… Reading ‘How to train your monsters’ – a great blog post on Momastery by Glennon Melton Doyle, who I adore for her no-nonsense loveliness. I’m also still working through Commit: How to Blast Through Problems & Reach Your Goals Through Massive Action by Linda Formicelli. Writing A blog post… View Post

Weekend in focus: the sleepover

In Weekend in focus I review the weekend and look at our therapeutic parenting successes and failures, with the aim of learning something each time. This weekend we took the girls for their first experience of sleeping over at someone else’s house since they came to live with us two years ago. We’ve taken them away to hotels and holiday cottages before, but sleeping at someone’s house was a bit… View Post

The seven components of self-care, part one: Sleep

Introduction Welcome to the first in a regular series I’m launching here on my website. Each Sunday for the next few weeks there’ll be a new blog post about a different aspect of self-care. I’ll be using the hashtag #sundayselfcare on Twitter and Instagram and would love it if you’d join me. Part one is below, and as the others in the series are posted they’ll be linked here too. Sleep… View Post

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to the first of a weekly series that I’m calling Thankful Thursday. (Shhh. Late already and it’s only my third post. Bit embarrassing. But moving right along…) This week, I have enjoyed… Reading This blog post about writing by Jen Hatmaker and this one about post-adoption support by Al Coates. I’ve also started Commit by Linda Formicelli, whose books The Renegade Writer and The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock I really loved. Writing… View Post


The Meadows family: Hannah Writer, Scrabble enthusiast, ironing procrastinator. Likes to say: ‘Be careful!’ and ‘Is it bedtime yet?’ Can be bribed with: Sleep and trips to Starbucks. Pete Charity communications chap, regional TV and local radio geek. Likes to say: ‘I’ve just got five more minutes of tweeting to do first…’ Can be bribed with: Trips to McDonalds. Joanna Six, loves Lego, plays football, wants to be an astronaut/engineer/inventor.… View Post