Hannah’s Letters: Template letter bundle


This template letter bundle contains 8 customisable letters to download in Word format. They’re a great way to help you get your message across clearly while saving your time and energy. No need to procrastinate about that letter to your social worker or headteacher – these letters take away the stress and make it quick and easy, so you can reclaim your evening!

Includes the following template letters:

  • Request for school to claim Pupil Premium Plus
  • Enquiry about how school is spending Pupil Premium Plus
  • Request for therapy
  • Request for assessment of needs from post-adoption support
  • Letter to teacher about child’s needs in school
  • Request for EHCP assessment

And the following example letters:

  • Letterbox contact with birth parents
  • Complaint about a professional’s conduct

With the template letters, all you need to do is change the highlighted text and you’re good to go.

The example letters provide a structure and show what I’ve used before. They need a little more input from you (because the content is much more personal) but will still help you format a letter of your own.


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