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Helen Oakwater’s ‘Why are these children any different?’

This is a fantastic four-page PDF of Helen’s article in Education Now magazine, which explains the legacy of early trauma. Highly recommended as a resource to print and give to your child’s school. Download it here, then also visit the rest of the site at

Support booklet for churches

I distribute this  booklet whenever I have the opportunity – it’s great for church leaders, church children’s group leaders, pastoral support people and any church members who want to help adoptive families. It’s produced by Home for Good and Care for the Family.

I recommend ordering plenty to give away to anyone at church who expresses any interest in supporting your family or has questions about why a child behaves in certain ways, can’t have their photo put online, etc.

You can download the PDF here or order print copies here.

Questions and sample contact letter to birth parents


My blog post about letterbox contact with birth parents is here, and you can download the sample question prompts and my editable letter using the link below.

Questions and example contact letter to birth parents (MS Word)

Back to school letter for new teachers

Dear Teacher

You can read the letter we sent to Joanna’s teacher here, and download it to use as a starting point for your own letter using the link below.

Letter to new teachers 2016 (MS Word)

Schedule for the summer holidays
Summer Schedule (image)

This is a one-page schedule for the holidays so children can see what’s planned and count down the days to things they’re looking forward to. (You can read more about why we find the schedule helpful in this blog post.)

These files are dated for 2016 – you can download and customise them for your family. Some people like to fill them in with pictures or clipart of activities, rather than words (you might also like the visual timetable link at the bottom of the page).

Summer Holiday Schedule 2016 (PDF)
Summer Holiday Schedule 2016 (MS Word)
Blank Summer Holiday Schedule 2016 (MS Word)

Daily schedule for the holidays

This is a simple schedule for the day to help children who struggle with predictablility and control know what is coming next. It echoes the one Joanna’s teacher uses with her at school, so is good for her sense of continuity. You’re welcome to download and amend it to suit you. We’ve included things that work well for us – creativity, opportunities to choose within the structure, sensory play (e.g. playdough), time outside, screen time, and time spent closely with a parent (cooking, reading together, etc). I print another copy for me and add rough timings and things I want to get done in the moments when they are occupied! On their copy they tick things off during the day so they know where they are.

Children’s daily schedule (click to download Word document)

If your children don’t yet read, I can recommend the visual timetable resources from Twinkl, many of which are free to download. We have used these successfully too.

9 favourite toys for sensory seekers

A list of sensory toys and tools that we’ve tried and tested with Charlotte – some successfully, some not so much.

9 favourite toys for sensory seekers

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