Self-care club

Join the Adoptive Parents’ Self-Care Club

Have you ever thought that self-care isn’t one-size-fits-all, and that adoptive parents, with our particular stresses and often bonkers lifestyles, need something that meets those needs more fully?

Me too.

That’s why I’ve set up the Adoptive Parents’ Self-Care Club: our own community to share our needs and challenges, what works for us, and to look after each other as we try to look after ourselves.


Join us!

You’ll get:

  • my free PDF guide to self-care

A Week of Self-Care for Adoptive Parents

  • a newsletter containing my most popular recent posts, along with one or two other blogs or resources I’ve found helpful lately. (I promise never to share your details, and you get adoption resources and self-care marvellousness coming your way each month as well as the self-care guide.)
  • a private Facebook group to talk all things self-care for adoptive parents with others who really understand, take part in self-care challenges and encourage each other to look after ourselves.

Join the club here. It’s free. It takes ten seconds. And it’s rather marvellous.