Adoption and the church thing

  I feel adrift. It’s 10.30 on a Sunday morning and, as a Christian, I would like to be at church. Building relationships. Supporting and being supported. Worshipping Jesus. Learning more about the Bible. Applying it to my life. That kind of thing. So would my husband. So would our children (mostly). But – and I say this without wanting it to sound as though I approach it as a… View Post

9 favourite toys for sensory seekers

My daughter Charlotte is a chewer and a world-class fidgeter (in polite company, a ‘sensory seeker’). If you have a child with similar sensory issues, you may have found that there are a lot of ideas and products about to try. Here are the sensory toys that have worked for us.       1. The Chewbuddy Some parents and OTs talk about the Chewbuddy as though it is magic. It’s… View Post

Review: Self-regulation Strategies and Techniques 

Joanna’s therapist lent us this DVD. I was hopeful. The presenter is an occupational therapist and it says it addresses the sorts of issues we see most days. I was going to write an upbeat review of how it was going to be life-changing for our family. No. Not so much.  Warning: sarcasm follows. There are a couple of small things I’d be happy to give a try, but overall… View Post

Review: Improving sensory processing in traumatized children

In preparation for tomorrow night’s #tpbooks chat (a Twitter-based therapeutic parents’ book club initiated by @PedallingSolo) I finally read this book which has been on my shelf for months. It’s quite a quick read – two hours or so if you are uninterrupted and distraction-free. (We can but dream of such an eventuality, eh?) It’s not academic or wordy so is very accessible, both for worn-out adopters who can’t be doing… View Post

Five ways to help an adoptive family at Christmas

When thinking of gifts for adoptive parents, remember that they can probably buy their own alcohol and chocolates, welcome as these things are. Clichéd though it sounds, your time and friendship are priceless. Give them a list of dates when you’re free to take them out for coffee and listen to them/look after the kids so they can have some respite/be available to do DIY where the children have broken things. Or give vouchers for ironing/lawnmowing/dinner-delivery/whatever you can offer. You get the idea.… View Post