How to handle everyone’s expectations at Christmas

The children are bouncing off the walls, the relatives are inadvertently contributing to your stress levels, and the presents you bought online still aren’t here, let alone wrapped. You feel like hibernating until January with all the mince pies and chocolates and only emerging once everyone’s back to normal. Or is that just me? The Christmas holidays can be hard for adoptive families. There are strong emotions flowing and so many… View Post

Resources for managing child-to-parent violence (CPV)

In the next few weeks, I’ll be developing my resources page into a series of pages with content that’s wider-ranging and more useful to adoptive parents. I’ll be creating pages with free printable downloads to make them easier to share with those who support you (and those you would like to provide support). Here’s a taster of a work in progress: a quick guide to the resources that are available… View Post

My Christmas survival plan

  Pretty much all the adoptive parents I know talk about Christmas with a mix of dread and weary experience as one of the most challenging times of the year. It is certainly that way for us. At times it has been absolutely horrendous. But on balance Christmas 2016 was the best of our Christmasses with the children so far. I’m revisiting this post from post-Christmas 2016 in order to… View Post

Send me your self-care questions!

Let’s face it, for most of us, self-care is a struggle. It’s so tempting to think of it as an optional extra that it can be hard to prioritise it and make it happen. We sometimes wonder why we should bother with self-care. And when we do it, we wonder if we’re doing it right! We all have self-care questions, challenges and obstacles. So let’s discuss them and work out… View Post

Instagram as self-care

I love Instagram: pretty pictures, encouraging messages, community friendliness. It makes me happy. What I see there is that way because that’s how I’ve curated it. I carefully choose who to follow so that my feed is full of things that I find inspiring and uplifting. That is, I use Instagram as self-care (as you might expect). Recently, a few people have asked me for Instagram advice. I’m not an… View Post