Why do adopters need to practise self-care?

Self-Care Week starts tomorrow (Monday 14 November) with a focus on health. I believe passionately in encouraging adoptive parents to practise self-care in a very holistic sense (mentally, physically, and emotionally) and will be blogging and tweeting about it all week. (Come and join in using the hashtag #selfcareweek.) What is self-care? Self-care is doing whatever you need to do to look after yourself and ensure you are functioning at… View Post

10 ways to help an adoptive family

Are you an adoptive parent who is struggling to cope but doesn’t know quite how to ask friends and family for help? Or are you someone who wants to know how to support an adoptive family but isn’t sure quite what to say? Help is at hand. Ready? Here are 10 ways to help an adoptive family. This is another one of those embarrassing topics that make everyone feel a bit… View Post

A typical day in the Meadows household

It’s now three years since we got our adoption order, and our post-adoption support is about to transfer from the placing authority to our local authority. We’ll be asking for another formal assessment of our family’s support needs and so I’m putting together some documents to show what support we want and why we need it. This ‘day in the life’ is one of those. 6.00ish The girls wake up. Our rule is… View Post

‘But they look so innocent’: our CPV experience

(‘Sorry Daddy for hurting you, I hope you get better.’) (‘Dear Mummy, I am sorry I hurt your lovely husband.’) When your mantlepiece is routinely filled with cards like these, something is really not right. These are this week’s, written by Charlotte, age six, after she kicked Pete so hard in the stomach that it left him unable to move, even to stand up, for several hours. All he’d done… View Post

How to survive taking adopted children on holiday

Photo credit: Henry Burrows (Creative Commons licence) Yes, I love them. No, that doesn’t make holidays with them any easier. For our family (and probably for many others), a family ‘holiday’ is just about moving all the usual stress of adoptive family life, and adding in some travel (stress), a new environment (stress), transitions and possible homesickness (stress) and a barrage of new sensory experiences – sights, tastes, smells and… View Post